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Buy Traditional e-Bikes Online

If you imagine a vintage look for your riding experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Next Up Trends offers the old school features in all of its products falling under this category.

Traditional Bikes which known as Classic, Retro, Heritage or Vintage bikes are conventional bikes - these regular bikes are old-school bikes come with low maintenance and comfortable experience.

Following are the key features of Traditional bikes:

  1. Professional Upright Saddle - These retro looking bikes have an upright saddle which makes it easier to see where you are riding to.
  2. Mechanical Double Disc Brakes - These e-bikes come with a double disc braking system to provide the amazing stopping power and safe riding experience.
  3. 26” Wheel Size - Traditional e-bikes feature a 26” wheel size which is applicable for all e-bike models - men, women, and children.
  4. Demand Low Maintenance - Since traditional bikes are rustproof and dustproof, they are easy to maintain.

What Makes Next Up Trends Different from Others?

Next Up Trends is an online distributor of highly eco-friendly electric bikes from leading brands like Ancheer, Smlro, Rich Bit, Lankeleisi, BoYiLang, Meiyatu, and many more. Being an innovation-based platform, Next Up Trends only chooses the best, stylish, and unique stuff for its customers. Every product that features on this website is embedded with emerging technology to make every ride of customer appealing and comfortable one. We pay a lot of attention to our customer’s reviews and recommendations to improve our services.

Why Choose Next Up Trends for E-Motorcycles?

Following features make online shopping with Next Up Trends more fun and trustworthy:-

  • Zero Shipping Cost.
  • Highly sensible towards Customer’s Personal Information.
  • Ensure delays free Delivery.
  • Provide trouble free Online Shopping.

Next Up Trends is the name you can count on when looking to buy traditional e-bikes online in the USA. Here you will find an exclusive collection of traditional e-bikes to suit your needs and budgets. We source these e-bikes from reliable sources to ensure these e-bikes last for years and offer you full value for your investment. If you have any questions, please email us at Our team of friendly staff will respond within 24 hours.

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