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Next Up Trends is one of the leading suppliers of high performance electric bikes in the USA. Our e-Bikes will be delivered to your given address, carefully packed and ready to ride.

In the recent years, electric bikes have gained a lot of popularity. Electric bikes are good for your health, for the environment, and your pockets as well. They are ideal for people looking for alternative options for transportation or people who want to save on fuel costs. Just imagine contributing to a healthy environment by biking to the office instead of taking a car.

Why do People Choose to Ride an Electric Bike?

There are numerous benefits that an electric bike offers over other transportation methods. Check out some benefits of using our electric bikes -

E-bikes offer an eco-friendly way of traveling. Using an e-bike will help you reduce air pollution when going on short trips around the city, grocery store, coffee shop or quick lunch.

Using an e-bike will help you avoid car parking hassles and troubles. Since it requires very little space, e-bikes are convenient to park as compared to cars.

Doesn’t everyone hate traffic? Using an e-bike can help you skip the traffic signals, legally. Thus, helping you reach your home/office faster. Electric bikes also allow you to save $1,000s in fuel. These bikes don’t require gas; thus, helping you save on your fuel cost. Electric bikes cost approx $2.45 for a 1000 miles ride, whereas gasoline powered bikes cost approx $26.70 for a 1000 miles ride.

Using an electric bike will help you cut weight and improve your fitness with every trip around the city, supermarket, or shopping mall.

Why Next Up Trends to Buy E-Bikes Online?

Next Up Trends is one of the leading electric bikes distributors in the USA. We stock premium quality bikes from top brands, like Ancheer, SMLRO, Rich Bit, LANKELEISI, BoYiLang, MEIYATU, and many others.

We are a team of electric bike experts; passionate about developing the e bike lifestyle and helping people understand how it can be life changing for them.

Here are some other benefits of shopping with Next Up Trends -

  • Shipping is FREE
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  • Quick and prompt delivery, so you do not have to worry about delays
  • We follow industry best practices to protect personal information of our customers

We are best known for providing the most reliable electric bikes online. Quality second to none; our bikes are available in various colors and battery options to suit your needs. You will find a wide variety of electric bicycles available on our website. These electric bikes can be assembled and customized according to your riding style and budget.

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