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E-Bike Helmets

Need to buy cost-effective e-Bike helmets? You have come to the right place. Next Up Trends is one of the trusted online e helmet suppliers.

We stock DOT certified helmets, available in wide range of designs and colors. We have Iron Man motorcycle helmets, Predators motorcycle helmets, horned motorbike helmets and many more.

Styles of e-bike helmets available –

  • Full Face helmets
  • Flip Up Helmets
  • Foldable Bike Helmets
  • Half Helmets

Benefits of using Electric Bicycle Helmets –

There are several benefits to wearing a helmet when riding your electric scooter or bicycle. Check out some key benefits of using e helmets –

  • E-helmets protect you from head and brain injuries which are the main cause of death in motorcycle accidents.
  • Wearing an electric scooter helmet can help you avoid various fatal injuries.
  • An e-Helmet can help you reduce the noise from the wind so you can ride comfortably.
  • Using an e-motorcycle helmet can protect your face and eyes from various weather conditions like bright sun glare, rain, dust, snow, and other.
  • E-Helmets also provide protection to your face, eyes, and head against flying objects, like insects and rocks.
  • Using an e-helmet can help you prevent eye injuries and safeguard your eyes from dust, dirt, and harmful pollutants emitted by other vehicles.

Some Important Things to Consider -

  • An e-bike helmet is the most important safety gear needed to protect the riders head from various head injuries. That's why it is always suggested to use a good quality helmet with the utmost protection.
  • The e-bike helmet you choose must meet the safety standards of your state.
  • A helmet is a must for every short or long ride around the city. Make sure you have properly fastened the helmet straps; otherwise, it will fall off from your head when it is needed the most.
  • Size of the helmet is the key when buying an electric bike helmet. Make sure you choose a helmet that fits properly otherwise the safety of the rider could be at risk.
  • Don’t forget to check your helmet regularly. Even if the helmet is not cracked from outside, it can be damaged from places that are not visible. Riding with a damaged helmet can be a big threat to your safety. Consider buying a new e-bike helmet in-case it is damaged or cracked.

Order Best Quality E-Bike Helmets from Next Up Trends

At Next Up Trends, we care about our customers. That’s why we only provide heavy duty helmets to our customers. Our aim is to protect you and your family from unwanted road accidents with our superior quality electric bicycle helmets.
We provide our customers with –

  • Free shipping
  • Lowest online prices
  • Safe and secure shopping
  • Quick and prompt delivery of the product to their doorsteps
  • Peace of mind by not sharing their personal information with anyone

All e-helmets are available in various sizes, ranging from S to XXL. Our helmets are durable, long-lasting and quality material built to provide ultimate protection.

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