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Foldable Electric Bikes

Next Up Trends is the place to visit when looking to buy the best folding electric bikes in the USA. We carry the top brands like DYU, Rich BIT, Lankeleisi, Ancheer, Glite and many more. Our folding electric bikes are compact, light weight, easy to carry, and fun to ride.

Next Up Trends stocks a wide range of portable electric bicycles, designed for commuters who don’t want to get stuck in traffic. You can simply fold the bike and carry along onto a bus, car, train or you can also keep it in your office.

Benefits of Buying Portable Electric Bikes

Check out the following benefits of a folding bike the next time you need a new set of wheels.

  • The best thing about using an electric folding bike is that you can tuck and store it when you don’t need it. These bikes are available in various sizes, but all are compact and easy to fold. If you live in a small house and don’t have enough space to park a regular bike, go for a folding e bike that you can easily fold and store inside a closet.
  • Folding electric bikes come with a huge number of color options, design options and battery options. These bikes can be fully assembled to suit the needs of the rider. Moreover, these bikes are very easy to ride. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, you can easily use these bikes for your trips around the city.
  • Electric folding bikes offer a rechargeable mode of transportation. These bikes are totally environment friendly as they run on batteries and do not pollute the environment.
  • Thanks to the rechargeable powerful batteries, electric folding bikes help you ride longer. These bikes are very easy and quick to charge. This means you can comfortably go for longer trips around the city.

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